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"London Voices is the dream team of choral virtuosi. They combine a beautiful sound with peerless technical command, intonation and rhythm in any number of the most intricate scores. "

"It was for them that I composed the large choral role in my Nativity oratorio 'El Niño', and their performances at the world premiere in Paris and later in Berlin, Amsterdam and London, will remain forever in my memory. "

John Adams, composer


" I have had the extreme good fortune to work with London Voices on all of the recordings of "The Lord of the Rings" and "The Hobbit".


Whether singing in Black Speech, Quenya, Sindarin or Olde English, the London Voices are true professionals and a joy to work with. I look forward to collaborating with them on many future projects."

Howard Shore, composer

“I can’t recommend London Voices highly enough- they’re a joy to work with. Yes, they embody excellence and they’re technically phenomenal but the crucial thing for me is that Ben Parry and the group understand that singing is about soul and spirit and heart.


You can hear their passion, and the intangible magic that they bring to your music when they sing is the best that any composer could hope for.”

Jessica Curry, composer


"Working with Terry and Ben was a distinct pleasure!
Let's do it again many more times.

With much appreciation"

James Newton Howard, composer

"Large projects require immense cooperation and teamwork. With yourselves and the choir I am hard pressed to find any ensemble anywhere that respects this and at the same time delivers a truly world class effort. 

Yes we aim for the best - we meet our match in yourselves and take delight in your own teamwork  - we produce many projects and often scheme to have soundtracks, composers and film studios use your choir."

Peter Cobbin, Engineer and Producer

RP 2-2 Giles Keyte.JPG

"London Voices are stunning in their musicality and professionalism, and the beauty of their voices is exceptional.

All my best wishes"

Rachel Portman, composer

"London Voices is a very well organised, professional and talented group of singers with whom it has been my pleasure to work."

Sir Paul McCartney, musician

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