London Voices draws on the pool of massively talented freelance professional solo, consort, and choral singers who live in and around the UK capital.

The number of singers involved depends on the engagement - for example:

  • 3 - Grand Pianola Music (John Adams)

  • 4 - Tehillim (Steve Reich)

  • 6 - Stimmung (Karlheinz Stockhausen)

  • 8 - Sinfonia (Luciano Berio)

  • 24 - Magnificat (J S Bach)

  • 32 - Requiem (Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart)

  • 40 - Rake's Progress (Igor Stravinsky)

  • 60 - Lord of the Rings (Howard Shore)

  • 120 - Requiem (Gyjörgy Ligeti)

  • 150 - Damnation of Faust (Hector Berlioz)

The membership of London Voices is not fixed and thus the singers are carefully selected for each engagement.

It is not unusual for two teams to be performing in different cities or countries at the same time.

Ben Parry has more than 30 years' experience in the performance and management of groups involved with every kind of consort and choral music from Byrd to Berio.

London Voices can guarantee that professionalism, personal integrity, relaxed manner and attention to detail will ensure a successful outcome for every project in which they are involved. 

Due to COVID-19, many engagements were cancelled or postponed for 2020 and 2021.
However, London Voices has remained active during this uncertain time, recording film and game soundtracks in London's iconic studios.


  • ​Song for Nature: Sky Arts Gala Concert, London Coliseum (April) 

  • ​Studio recording for artist, Abbey Road Studios (May)

  • Advert recording, Master Chord Studio, London (June)

  • Recording project with London Symphony Orchestra (August)

  • Recording project with London Symphony Orchestra (November)​

  • Cosmic Fantasy studio recording, Royal Philharmonic Orchestra (December)


  • Virtual recording of Moons Symphony, Amanda Lee-Falkenburg (March)

  • Production music recording for Kitt Wakeley, Abbey Road Studios (September)

  • Recording for United Arab Emirates 49th National Day, Abbey Road Studios (November)

  • Film and game soundtrack recording at Abbey Road and Air Lyndhurst studios (June-December)


  • Studio recording for UK band, Air Studios (March)

  • Concerts with National Arts Centre Orchestra, Toronto (May)

  • Stockhausen Stimmung, Southbank Centre (June)

  • Studio recording with London Philharmonic, Abbey Road (July)

  • Production music recording for Eternal Eclipse, Abbey Road (August)

  • Studio recording for UK band, Abbey Road (September)

  • Studio recording with London Symphony Orchestra, Abbey Road (November)


  • Recording for Guidizio Universale/Sistine Chapel (January)

  • Berio Sinfonia, Dresden Stadtskappelle/Bychkov, Dresden (April)

  • Berio Sinfonia, Munich Philharmonic/Bychkov, Munich (April)

  • Studio recording, London Symphony Orchestra/Albracht (May)

  • Planet Earth II, Royal Albert Hall, London (May)

  • Star Trek/Star Trek Beyond, Royal Albert Hall, London (June)

  • Studio recording, Maizu Kay album, Abbey Road, London (July)

  • Norgard Symphony no.3, BBC Scottish Symphony/Dausgaard, BBC Proms, Royal Albert Hall, London (August)

  • Studio recording, LSO/Subramanian, Abbey Road, London (August)

  • Berio Sinfonia, BBC Symphony/Bychkov, BBC Proms, Royal Albert Hall, London (August)

  • Studio recording, Michael Fabiano/LPO/Mazzola, Abbey Road, London (September)

  • Pyramids FC jingle recording, Air Studios, London (September)

  • Pokémon jingle recording, Abbey Road, London (September)

  • Berio Sinfonia, Czech Philharmonic/Bychkov, Prague (October)

  • Stravinsky Rake's Progress, London Philharmonic/Jurowsky, London (November)